AtoBviaC Web Service


Welcome to the AtoBviaC Web Service.

This web service is now released and available for commercial use.

Billing is now enabled - distances will be deducted from your account when calling the web service with your Access Key.

Your existing Access Key can be used to authenticate with the service.

This new web service has been developed as part of AtoBviaC’s continued efforts to improve our services. It uses modern web technologies and provides an improved API to make it easier to develop against. The new web service will also allow us to enhance the web service with additional capabilities in the future.

The API documentation and a sandbox can be found below.

Demo project

There is a Demo Project written in C# showing basic usage of the Web Service. It can be downloaded from here



You should pass your access key as a querystring parameter called api_key.

Demo access keys are restricted to the following ports:

Error Codes

If an error occurs, two headers may be present to convey additional information.

The 'X-ABC-Error' header contains a textual description of the error.

The 'X-ABC-ErrorCode' header may be present to indicate a particular class of error, as listed in the table below.

X-ABC-ErrorCode ValueNameDescription
1000General ErrorThere is no specific class for this error. See the x-abc-error header for more information.
1001Unreviewed LegThe voyage contains a leg that we do not currently have a route for (there will be a route, but it has not been manually reviewed by us). A very small percentage of routes may not be available from our network. This is typically because the route is uncommon and has not been previously requested.
1002No RouteA route cannot be obtained from the network. This is usually because of the current routing critera; additional routing points may need to be opened. The 'antipiracy routing' option may need to be disabled to access ports in the piracy area.
1003Insufficient CreditsThe account associated to the api_key has ran out of credits to perform this calculation.
1004Subscription ExpiredThe subscription for the account associated to the api_key specified has expired.
1005Invalid Demo PortA port specified is not a valid demo port. Demo access keys are restricted to the following ports: Chiba, Copenhagen, LOOP Terminal, Melbourne, Novorossiysk, Port Rashid
1006Account Does Not Allow Specified Waypoint ResolutionThe waypoint resolution for the account associated to the api_key is lower than the resolution specified.
1007Invalid ApikeyThe api_key specified is not valid.

ECA Zones

List of ECA Zones:

Piracy Zones

The API currently provides one Piracy Zone called 'Piracy':

LoadLines Zones

Loadlines Zones List.


Routing Points

The AtoBviaC routing algorithm will return the shortest Voyage between ports. Users can open and close Routing Points to control the Voyage that is generated. For example, the Suez Canal can be closed by appending &close=SUZ to your request.


Routing Point Groups

Users can open and close Routing Point Groups, as they do with the Routing Points, to control the Voyage that is generated. For example, the CCC group (Cape Cod Canal) can be closed by appending &close=CCC to your request, this will automatically close the Routing Point members of the CCC group i.e. CCN (Cape Cod Canal - North) and CCS (Cape Cod Canal - South).